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Water Soluble Fabric Pens

Water Soluble Fabric Pens

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These pens are great tools for non-permanent marking on fabric. Use this pen to trace your embroidery designs using a light board or bright window. Don't worry about making mistakes or not completely covering your lines because these markings will disappear with water. Be sure that your embroidery thread is colorfast to ensure that the color will not bleed after getting rinsed! This pen works well on light colored fabrics.

I like using these pens on quilting cottons and linen blends.
The thick tipped pen is great on the textured Essex fabrics while all thicknesses work well on the smoother Kona quilting cottons.

If you want a pen to use on the printed fabric included in my hand embroidery kits I suggest using a Frixion pen. This blue ink spreads out on the printed fabric so it is difficult to get a thin, clear guideline.

Note that you may receive this pen packaged by Clover, Dritz or Bohin. I have not noticed a difference between these brands. 

 Learn more about tracing your designs to fabric here:

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