Disappearing Ink Fabric Pen

Disappearing Ink Fabric Pen

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A great tool for non-permanent marking on fabric. Use this pen to trace your embroidery designs using a light board or bright window. Don't worry about making mistakes or not completely covering your lines because these markings will disappear over time (or speed up the process by rinsing your work with water!)

I love using this extra fine tipped pen to sketch in details directly onto my fabric. I use it to denote stitch direction, to help round out lettering or other shapes, to make tiny changes to my pattern on the spot - I use it for everything! BUT remember that it is air soluble. Sometimes the lines only last a few hours depending on the current weather conditions!

Details from Dritz:
- Use to transfer pattern markings, needle craft and quilting design.
- Use on projects to be completed within 24 hours
- For best results, use on washable fabric. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.
- Store pen with cap on and park facing downward

Instructions from Dritz:
1. Mark fabric lightly 
2. Disappearing ink normally disappears in 24 - 72 hours. (Humidity and penetration of link can alter timing.)
3. Marks can be removed with plain water if desired.
NOTE: Do no iron over marks before completely removing with plain water. Some laundry products containing sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate may set marks if they are not completely removed before laundering.

It is recommended to test your fabrics with the pens before application! 

Learn more about tracing your designs to fabric here: