What's the best way to contact you?

By email: Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com

Are the guidelines on the pre-stamped fabric permanent?

Yes. You will need to cover the guidelines with your stitches. If you prefer blank fabric with your kit please email me and I would be happy to substitute it for the pre-stamped fabric. You will then need to transfer the design yourself, but you'll have more flexibility with what elements of the design you trace and what method of transfer you use.

What's up with the Darice wooden embroidery hoops?

The wooden embroidery hoops included in most kits are great for framing your finished work. Some work okay for stitching, others not so much. You can try wrapping the inner and/or outer hoop with strips of fabric to help with tension. Ultimately I recommend investing in a favorite stitching hoop that you can use for all of your embroidery projects. I sell FA Edmunds beechwood hoops but some people really enjoy working with plastic or metals hoops. Find one that works for you!  


How do I find my digital files?

You can download your digital files from your Order Confirmation page or via your Confirmation Email. Some patterns come with multiple documents so they are compressed into a zipped folder. When you download the files you will need to double click them to uncompress and open them. iPads tend to struggle with that.  Please email me if you have any difficulty and I will happily send you your PDFs by email. Digital instructions for kits will be sent to you on the day your package ships. 

How do I watch the video tutorial for the pattern I purchased?

You can find a directory of video tutorials here. Or click here to go to my YouTube channel and you should be able to find it there! Also, I try to embed the tutorial in the listing on my website so that's a great place to find a direct link, too. Again, if you get lost please feel free to email me. 

What can I do with your embroidery patterns and kits?

Enjoy them! But please do not resell the finished work or share my designs.

Why don't you sell/ship to the EU?

I do! But only through my Etsy storefront HERE. Don't see what you are looking for over there? Please send me an email (Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com) and I will create an Etsy listing for you. This way Etsy handles the VAT for us and I don't get in trouble with the EU. 

How do I request a custom order?

Check out the custom section of my shop (see the drop down SHOP menu above) to see what is currently available.  If you have something else in mind please email me at Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com to discuss.  Sometimes I am unable to take on new work but I do love new challenges.

Custom embroidery options are sold out! I am sad.

I understand. To be "first in line" when custom slots become available I suggest signing up for my Newsletter (sign up is at the bottom of the home screen).  Emails will be sent sparingly, just to let you know when items are restocked or new items are available.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have any further questions please contact me at Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com