What's the best way to contact you?
By email: Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com

Are the guidelines on the pre-stamped fabric permanent?
Yes. You will need to cover the guidelines with your stitches. If you prefer blank fabric with your kit please email me and I would be happy to substitute it for the pre-stamped fabric. You will then need to transfer the design yourself, but you'll have more flexibility with what elements of the design you trace and what method of transfer you use. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, but it can be expensive and slow. There also may be customs fees or taxes due depending on your local government's importation laws. 

Alternatively, please check out these stockists in your area. Reach out to them if there is a particular kit you are interested in so they can include it on their next wholesale order.


Allthreads Embroidery

Stitch Dot Smile



Keystone Modern Creative


Le Chat Qui Tricote


Univers Broderie


Strange and Unusual Trading Co

What do I do with my completed embroidery art?
I like to frame mine in the hoop and hang them on my wall with a pretty ribbon.

How do digital embroidery patterns work?
When you buy a digital embroidery pattern you are purchasing the downloadable instructions and supplies list for recreating the embroidery art. Your instructions will include a diagram showing which stitches go where, what colors of floss to use where, and how many strands of floss to use. You will also get a line drawing of the design that you will need to transfer to your fabric. There are many options for transferring this template and you can find a full tutorial with video instruction here. The transfer process is totally accessible for beginners but some people do prefer grabbing stamped fabric or a full kit for their first project to avoid this sometimes time consuming step. Some of my patterns include step-by-step instruction and/or photos, and an online video tutorial. Please read the listing description to find out the specifics for each embroidery pattern.  

How do I find my digital files?
You can download your digital files from your Order Confirmation page or via your Confirmation Email. Some patterns come with multiple documents so they are compressed into a zipped folder. When you download the files you will need to double click them to uncompress and open them. iPads tend to struggle with that.  Please email me if you have any difficulty and I will happily send you your PDFs by email. If you'd like digital copies of your kit instructions just ask. 
How do I watch the video tutorial for the pattern I purchased?
You can find a directory of video tutorials here. Or click here to go to my YouTube channel and you should be able to find it there! Also, I try to embed the tutorial in the listing on my website so that's a great place to find a direct link, too. Again, if you get lost please feel free to email me. 

What can I do with your embroidery patterns and kits?
Enjoy them! But please do not resell the finished work or share my designs.
If you have any further questions please contact me at Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com