Summer Bingo on Patreon

Welcome to Summer Embroidery Bingo 2022! Please see the details below about getting started, setting up your Bingo card, and playing along on Patreon. This is a special mid-year Bingo game that will only be played on Patreon. Jessica will begin calling a stitch a day beginning July 1st so be sure to get your Bingo cards prepared and uploaded ASAP. Do not begin filling in the stitches until they are called! The exception is the center free space which you can fill in right away with any stitch you like.

If you are brand new to hand embroidery you may want to check out the beginner guide before you begin.

Before you start! Grab your supplies:

  • An 8 inch embroidery hoop. If you don’t have this size you can resize the card grid to fit your hoop.
  • Embroidery fabric. I recommend a quilting cotton such as Kona brand in a light color (for easy pattern tracing) but an old pillow case should do the job, too.
  • Hand embroidery needles
  • Assorted embroidery thread. This year I used a botanical theme for the stitch guidelines so I recommend using greens and floral colors (pinks, reds, purples) but you can use any colors you like. This is a good project for using up old thread scraps.
  • Scissors for cutting out the templates, plus for trimming fabric and thread as needed.
  • Pens for tracing the design. I used a permanent marker for my grid and a water soluble fabric pen for my stitch guidelines. It can help to have extra pen and paper to write notes or create a key for yourself, too.
  • Clear tape for creating your unique Bingo card. See below for more information.
  • A bright window, lamp or light box for tracing the grid and guidelines to your fabric. You may choose to use a different transfer method such as carbon paper, printable stabilizer, etc.
  • The Bingo grid template and embroidery stitch guidelines (link). Hover your mouse towards the bottom of the screen to find the download button. Hover your mouse towards the right of the screen to click to page 2. Alternatively, you can find this document in this Dropbox folder:

Set up your Bingo card:

  1. Hoop up your fabric. You may want to bind your hoop for extra tension. Be sure your fabric is drum tight. 
  2. Trace (or use your transfer method of choice) the blank Bingo card grid template to your fabric. You may choose to combine this step with steps 3 & 4 below and trace the grid and stitch guidelines at the same time.
  3. Cut out the stitch guidelines and decide which 24 stitches you want to include on your card. Remember to keep the center square as a free space. You can stitch whatever you like in this center square and it counts towards a 5 in a row win. Stitch anything you like here before we start playing. Have fun with this square and use it to personalize your card. 
  4. Trace the stitch guidelines to your Bingo card on your fabric. If preferred, you may want to create your own guidelines or just write the name of the stitch or corresponding stitch number (per the alphabetized, numbered list) in your squares. You can also create a card key using the small included grid or alternatively you can write your Bingo square number on your numbered stitch list. Basically, there are many ways to keep track of your unique Bingo card. It doesn’t matter which method you choose. Just be sure that Jessica will be able to understand which stitches you’ve assigned to which squares on your card. DO NOT CHANGE THESE AFTER JULY 1st.
  5. If you would like to add the remaining 6 stitches to your card for practice please do! These squares will not count towards any Bingo wins.
  6. Do not stitch in any squares yet except for your center free space!

Enter to play:

To create a fair game you must share your unique Bingo card with Jessica before JULY 1st. You can share a photo of your prepped fabric (with transferred stitch guidelines), a copy of your mini grid key, or a written description of your card (Example: B1: Cretan, B2: Woven bar, B3: Thorn stitch, etc.)

Upload your card or key here:

Or email it directly to Jessica (

How to Play

  • Each day, beginning on JULY 1st, Jessica will call a random stitch from the list of 30. The stitch will be announced and demonstrated in a video posted on the Jessica Long Embroidery Patreon page (
  • If you have the called embroidery stitch on your card then complete that square. If the stitch is challenging just do your best! This is an opportunity to try new stitches and have fun. You’ll get credit for the square regardless of your hand embroidery experience and technique. Feel free to comment and ask questions on the post.
  • After Day 5: If you have five called squares in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal and including the center free space) comment on the Patreon post with “BINGO!” You will then have 24 hours to finish stitching your row (that should give you time to catch up, if needed) and share it with Jessica (via email or dropbox.)
  • The first person to achieve 5-in-row wins. There will be three winners, one per 5-in-a-row direction. Each winner will receive a free Jessica Long Embroidery digital embroidery pattern of their choosing and a coupon for free shipping. 

    (Please note these are example cards. The horizontal winner will be the first to fill any horizontal row and the vertical winner will be the first to fill any vertical column. The diagonal winner is first to achieve either the displayed win or the top left to bottom right diagonal.) 

    Questions? Email me at