Using Variegated Floss

Variegated floss is thread that is dyed multiple colors. Sometimes the color change is subtle, such as color number 8005, and other times it is wild and unexpected as with color number 8046. 

The range of colors in a particular skein and the frequency of gradation depends on the brand of variegated floss. For example, "Seasons" is the variegated floss from Lecien Cosmo and it is produced in three separate series. The 5000's series are characterized by color changes every 3.14 inches (8 cm) while the 8000's have slow color changes every 11.8 inches (30 cm). Series 9000's have short and random color-pitches, producing dynamic gradation in small motifs.

Using variegated floss is a great way to add color variation to your project without having to use extra skeins of floss. I especially love using them for flowers and leaves. 

These three designs utilize variegated floss heavily. The first design uses three variegated colors for the roses and one variegated green for the leaves. Here I also used some solid green colors for variety. The next design uses four variegated floss colors plus black thread. The design on the right only uses two colors of floss, both of them variegated. For all three of these projects I just let the variegated floss decide the fate of the color distribution. 

These six hoops were all stitched using only variegated floss! I love the color variation created by these unique threads.

I've also used variegated floss to create the grass in this cute kitty embroidery art. I only used one color (DMC 4045) of variegated thread but if I'd used solids colors I would have had to use many different colors to create the same look. 

Here's some of my favorite variegated colors that I hope will inspire you to start stitching. Have fun!! (You can find the full sized pins on my Pinterest board.)

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