Fast Framing for Your Embroidery Art

Looking for a fancier option for framing your embroidery art? I've got a quick method for framing behind glass that is super cheap and simple to do at home.

 Note: This pattern is available through my Craftsy Class! Find out more info here.

1. Finished embroidery art in the hoop
2. Fabric scissors
3. Craft glue.  I prefer Aleene's acid-free.
4. Craft clamps if needed
5. Shadow box


Scroll down for the procedure or just watch the video here:



1.  Ensure your fabric is TIGHT in your hoop by pulling your edges and tightening the screw.

2.  Trim excess fabric, leaving an edge slightly shorter than half an inch

3.  With your hoop face down, apply glue to the edge of your fabric.  Press fabric to inner edge of hoop and hold with clamps if needed.

4.  Once dry, loosen screw and remove outer hoop.

5.  Prep shadow box if needed.  I used the linen backed version and made no changes but have fun - line with another fabric, or add any other fun background.

6. Apply glue to bottom edge of embroidery hoop and press it to the back of your shadow box.  Allow to dry overnight.

7.  Reassemble the shadow box, placing the glass over your newly framed embroidery art.

8.  Hang on a wall and enjoy!


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