Embroidery Card Deck 2

Thank you for your purchase of the Expansion Deck!

For information about the history of this project, how the stitches are organized, and ideas for using your deck, please see the Foundation Deck page.

It was fun coming up with 30 more stitches for this expanded set of cards! Once again I found the task of organizing the stitches into distinct families quite challenging. So many stitches are created by combining elements from different families, but I tried my best to keep it simple and not second guess my classifications. In the end I'm not convinced that I always made the "right" calls but I finally had to make decisions to get these cards into your hands!

Please reach out if you would like digital copies of the embroidery samplers. I am happy to send them to you. Email me at Jessica@JessicaLongEmbroidery.com

I also had fun combining all 60 of the hand embroidery stitches from both decks into family trees. You can find these diagrams here: Family Trees