All About Satin Stitch

For the longest time I avoided satin stitch at all costs.  What was the point? A machine was always going to do a better job than I could - why put myself through the painful process of trying to make perfect stitches when they will never truly be perfect? 

Did you know that perfectionism is really just a form of procrastination? Yep.  That sort of all or nothing thinking ("If I am not going to do it perfect then there is no point in even trying") get you NOWHERE. 


So once I got over myself I started just trying.  And my satin stitch wasn't perfect (it still isn't and never will be! Yay!) and I kept trying anyways.  So I would outline my satin stitched flower petals with back stitch to hide my uneven satin stitch edges:

And I kept practicing.  And practicing.  And learning.  And I dropped the outlines.