Double Hoop Assembly

UPDATE: Please find a video here showing a finishing method without glue. Write up to follow soon!

Please enjoy the video tutorial below or follow along with the photos and descriptions here. Do not transfer your design until you have hooped up your fabric!

To view this tutorial as a PDF please click here.

1. You will need 2 wooden hoops and some linen blend fabric. I have not been able to create a successful double hoop using cotton fabric - I can't get the assembly tight enough to remove all of the wrinkles. I believe that the looser weave of linen blend fabrics makes them a better option. Your hoops should be at least 3 inches different in diameter. The hoops pictured below are 4 and 9 inches in diameter.

2. Hoop up the smaller hoop first, centered on your fabric. Pull your fabric drum tight.

3. Flip your fabric upside-down so the smaller hoop is face down on your table. Now hoop up your larger hoop, centering the smaller hoop. Pull your fabric drum tight. Try pulling at odd angles to remove the creases. This may take some time and patience.

4. Cut out your pattern and tape it to the back of your hoop. Be sure to avoid the smaller hoop's screw - you will not be able to stitch behind it. If you have a full coverage design you can slightly loosen and spin the outer hoop (of the small center hoop) to stitch behind it. 

5. Trace your design. And then stitch away!

6. To finish, trim your excess fabric from the outer and inner hoop, leaving about a quarter inch excess. Some people prefer to leave the center section intact and stitch an additional design on it. When trimming the center section you may need to "stab" it to get started!

7. Cut notches into the trimmed fabric in the center hoop. This step will make it easier to fold the fabric back.

8. Glue the trimmed fabric back. I like using Aleene's acid free formulation. You may want to use craft clamps while the glue dries.


9. If your fabric is puckering near the screw on the center hoop you can apply a small amount of glue to hold it down. I use a toothpick and secure the fabric with a clamp while it dries.

Here's a photo of the back sides of my double hoops for your reference:

And of course here is the video: 


Need a double hoop kit or design? Take a look here!

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