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Lecien Cosmo "Shabon-dama" Metallic Floss Collection

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This line of metallic floss has been replaced by Opali. The two colors listed here are being discontinued.

Metallic floss from our friends at Lecien Cosmo in Japan! "Shabon-dama" means soap bubble in Japanese. You can layer this floss to add more glitter to your project.

Available in 15 colors. Each spool is 20 meters (= 21.9 yards)

This thread is much softer than normal metallic floss but is not as sparkly, it has a more subtle glitter. It is made up of 6 strands (numbers 13 and 14 are only 4 strands) - use a single ply or a full strand. 

Colors 1 - 12 are 100% polyester. Colors 13 and 14 are 93% acetate and 7% polyester while number 15 is 63% cupro and 37% polyester.