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Dritz Variety Packs of Embroidery Needles

Dritz Variety Packs of Embroidery Needles

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My favorite pack of needles! I use the larger size when stitching with full strands (6-ply) of embroidery floss and the smallest size when doing thread painting with a single ply of thread. These needles are sharp and do the job for most of my hand embroidery needs.

Included in each variety pack (total 16):
4 size 5 needles
4 size 7 needles
4 size 9 needles
4 size 10 needles

NEW! A variety pack of 12 large eyed needles:
2 size 1 needles
4 size 3 needles
6 size 5 needles
Perfect for stitching with a full strand of floss or for when you can't find your reading glasses.