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Anna Embroidery Kit

Anna Embroidery Kit

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Meet Anna, the newest portrait in the Domina Natura series. Her crown is created using surface embroidery techniques and stumpwork, to give a totally unique and three dimensional look. The included instructions include basic directions for completing the stumpwork elements but you may benefit from additional instruction if you are new to the technique. You can find my new wire slip stumpwork tutorial (with video!) here.

The hardest part of the full project may be transferring the pattern to fabric and maintaining the shape of the face while stitching. As a result, I have added a printed fabric option. This stamped fabric is printed in full color but the outlines for the face are printed very faintly. All of these lines are permanent and may be seen through the stitches on the portrait. The center of the leaves is blank for your stumpwork hibiscus.

The third kit variation (more details below) is for a modified design for those of you who do not want to stitch the face. This kit included printed fabric and a 7 inch hoop for framing as the completed project is smaller.

The pattern instructions include an additional modification for those of you who do not want to create a hibiscus from wire slips. Directions and line diagrams are provided for an alternative long and short stitched flower. You will need to transfer the flower design to your fabric (regardless of which kit option you choose) as the stumpwork kits have a blank center where the stumpwork hibiscus would be inserted. 

If you have any questions please email me ( and I would be happy to help you pick out the right kit for you.


*PLEASE READ* Fabric options for kits:

Option 1: Green linen blend fabric. If you select this option you must transfer the design yourself. Benefit: you can utilize the weave of the fabric when stitching the face to help keep your stitches even. You can transfer the full design or the modified design to this fabric. 

Option 2: Full design printed on green fabric. The hibiscus leaves and hummingbird are printed in full color but the outlines for the face are printed very faintly. All of these lines are permanent and may be seen through the stitches on the portrait. The center of the leaves is blank for your stumpwork hibiscus. 

Option 3: Modified design printed on green fabric. Please see the mock up pictured. This fabric is printed with the hibiscus leaves and hummingbird, and is designed to be stitched without the portrait. The center of the leaves is left blank and will be covered by your stumpwork hibiscus. Because the overall design is smaller (although the elements themselves are the same size) this kit will come with a 7 inch hoop for framing.


All kits include:
- 16 skeins of Lecien COSMO embroidery floss. Note: the modified design will utilize only 15 of the 16 skeins
- One piece of blank neutral cotton fabric (backing fabric)
- Once piece of blank pink cotton fabric (hibiscus petal fabric)
- One 9 inch wooden hoop (for framing) *Modified kits will come with a 7 inch hoop*
- One 4 inch wooden hoop (for stumpwork stitching)
- A pack of Bohin assorted embroidery needles
- Five lengths of wire for stumpwork
- Four faux floral stamen
- The instructions for stitching the pattern (described below)


The embroidery pattern includes:
- Written instructions and suggested stitch order
- Stitch and color keys, plus stitch direction diagrams
- Shopping list with suggested Lecien COSMO embroidery floss colors (DMC equivalents are included)
- Full color close up photo of stitched pattern
- Pattern line drawings and stumpwork placement diagram
- Optional instructions for creating a thread painted hibiscus flower without stumpwork
- Full and modified (face vs no face, stumpwork vs no stumpwork) PDF designs

The beginner guide includes:
- A supplies list with suggested products (hoops, needles, fabric, etc) based off of my experience
- Helpful tips and tricks for transferring design, getting started, and finishing your project
- Diagrams of stitches

This document is also available on my website HERE and includes videos for most stitches.  


To complete this pattern you may also need:
- Scissors
- a non-permanent fabric marker (such as water soluble)
- A bright window or light board for pattern tracing (more info here)
- You may want to invest in a high quality embroidery hoop if you have trouble maintaining tension with the included 9 inch hoop. You can then use the wooden hoop included in the kit for framing your finished work. 
- Wood stain and varnish for finishing your wooden hoop
- Needle nosed pliers for shaping wire
- A darning needle for stumpwork insertion. Any large eyed needle will do.



This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not copy or resell finished product.

Happy Stitching!