12 Inch Tropical Plants Kit (please read description)

12 Inch Tropical Plants Kit (please read description)

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This kit includes the instructions for stitching the design in a much smaller hoop - 4 or 6 inches! Therefor, you will need to modify the instructions to successfully complete the project. 


1. Just do the outlines. Use your favorite linear stitches (back stitch, split stitch, chain stitch, etc).

2. Fill the leaves with rows of your favorite linear stitches.

3. Use long and short stitch to fill the leaves.

4. Use satin stitch but break up the leaves into smaller shapes so that your stitches are not too long. Try to aim for 1 inch or shorter stitch lengths.

5. Use a full strand (6 ply) of floss to cover more area and create more texture.


The kit includes:

  • One 12 inch Darice brand embroidery hoop for framing. You may want to use a smaller hoop with better tension when stitching.
  • A 14 x 14 inch piece of salmon cotton fabric, stamped with the design. The lines are permanent and you will need to cover them with your stitches.
  • Assorted hand embroidery needles (4 total)
  • 4 skeins of each DMC floss color (total of 12 skeins)


The embroidery pattern includes:
- Stitch and Color key
- Full color close up photo of stitched patterns
- Pattern for a 4 inch and 6 inch hoop ready to transfer to fabric for future projects

The beginner guide includes:
- A supplies list with suggested products based off of my experience
- Helpful tips and tricks
Diagrams of stitches