Beginner Box Embroidery Kit

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New to embroidery and don't know where to begin? This is a basic embroidery supply set to get you started. This Beginner Box is designed to be purchased with a floss bundle to allow YOU to customize your kit. Please find bundles here.

If you order other items in addition to this item and a floss bundle, your complete order may not fit in the box so I may package this beginner kit in a bag.

Your kit includes:

  • A fat quarter (18 x 22") cut of cream colored quilting cotton. Double it up if you prefer thicker fabric! You will be able to make six 5" projects with this cut (3 projects if you double over the fabric)
  • A 5 inch beechwood hoop with a brass closure. The screw is notched and can be tightened with a screw driver.
  • A variety pack of embroidery needles including sizes 3 through 9 (16 total needles). This pack is super versatile and can be used with full strands of floss and single plies.
  • Small "rainbow" embroidery scissors for cutting threads.
  • A blue Frixion pen for tracing embroidery designs to your fabric. This pen is heat erasable so you can use an iron or blow dryer to remove your guidelines after you complete your project.


Need a design to stitch?
I offer digital embroidery patterns here
I also have a handful of free designs (with video tutorials) on my website here

For a full kit with printed fabric and embroidery instructions head here